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what a shithole

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Now hanoi is where I started getting sick of this trip. Bangkok irritated me a bit more than any other big city would. Hanoi just toko the piss

We flew to Hanoi from Bangkok, it took them about an hour to sort out my visa on arrival. I think partly because it just looked like a few dudes sat in an office staring at passports for 10 minutes then passing them onto the woman who gave the visa and took the money, and partly cos they were held up by complete fucking retards, Im ashamed to say were all pom's, "I dont have a photo", "I dont have enough money to pay for that visa can we change it for the single entry" and just straight up "I dont have enough money". They all got dealt with there and then, the one woman who was issuing the visa's would drop everything to take a photo of someone, or go back through thier application to change it, or whatever. If it was my country I'd be just tell them to go home. Or wait til last so the people who arent retarded can get theier visa's and get on with there holiday.

When I finally got that done It took us 15 minutes battling through people trying to drag me into there taxi, to find the airport shuttle bus, which had people sitting on suitcases and stools and some kid throwing up half way there. Then it drops you off right in the middle of a billion taxi and motorbike guys. Why do they bother asking taxi? moto? Ive turned a thousand down already why would I suddenly want one now. Fortunatley one guys hotel flyer had a fairly decent map so we could find our hotel easy enough. Which was pretty shitty. I think it was there the shower didnt even reach over the taps it was connected to. And they were pretty pissed and just pretty rude to us the next morning when we went on a halong bay tour with another company.

And to top it off my diarreah started the first night. Just a small liquid shit before bed and then the next morning shitting my guts out . Not sure what I ate, only some bred from the supermarket, and a sandwich from a lady in the street (which was crap)

the next day we went on the Halong Bay 2day 1 night tour. Fuck that dont even bother Im sure all the tour companies are the same as ours. When we jumped on the bus there was about 6 seats left and someone mentioned theres still 12 people to pick up. The only thing worse than spotting kids wiating to get on the bus was finding out they were americans. Sadly the parents were more irritating than the kids. they just wouldnt shut up.
The first thing we were told on arriving is "I need your passport" then he handed out a paper to list our names and took it away once 3 people had signed it . And the whoel trip just contined that way. Lunch was one fish to share per table with some peanuts and rice and fried tofu or something. Anyway I wasnt eating because of havig the shits. Then they told us you cant drin kyour own drinks you have to buy ours, which nobody knew about. They took us to the caves and the guide was like a useless twat basicaly his english was crap and when no one understood him he just ignored that. We didnt go to the second set of caves we were meant to see, instead we went to get a tour of water caves, which we had to pay extra for . He tried to get us to do kayalking that night at 5:45 when it was already almost dark , we didnt do any fishing and dinner was crap
The rooms were OK
The next morning he woke us at 6, to go kayaking at 6. 20 minutes later when we were up he explained our company only hired 3 kayak so we have to take turns, you can do it later. so we kayaked in the shitty dirty water for about 10 mins before he called us back in (our 30 minutes was up) and we basically went back to the mainland while he slept, then waited an hour and a half sat on the roadside waiting for the bus to take us for lunch. And suddenly there were 3 groups all trying to get on the same bus which our tour guide went on, with a different group
You get the picture anyway we got back eventually outside some random hotel there obvisouly associated with and fought through the touts and wandered to the train station

I thought Bangkok was bad. Fuck, I wish I could be back there


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