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Da Nang

Dont go to Hoi An what a waste of time

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Well I finished my course of Smecta for the runs and its still going strong. I'll give it a few moe days and try another doctor.

I dont have a great deal to say about Da Nang, we didnt do that much because both of us were still recovering from the diarrhea.

We stayed in a reasonable hotel cant remember the name, and both days we ate at a small food court at the big C shopping mall. Pho, bagguettes, dumplings etc. fairly standard and fairly cheap.

We did visit Hoi An, I really wouldnt bother I dont know what people see in it. Basically every shop is either a souvenier shop, or a tailors or an overpriced restaurant. You can get the same souveniers anywhere, and the attraction of buying suits on holiday I'll never understand. All the buildings in the old town you can go see are pretty much the same - boring. 90 000 dong or something, not worth it. Trust me. Luckily we only went for a day trip so we didnt have to stick around for long we took the public bus which was an experience, basically foot to the floor and use the horn repeatedly seems to work well for the driver. And its quick, they have someone to drag people on and shove them off and collect fares without even stopping the bus. Ignore the gang of pricks at the Hoi An station offering motorbikes repeatedly, they told me it was about 3.5km to town - its about a 5 minute walk, which I count as about 1k.

Da Nang itself only seemed to offer the same siappointments the rest of Vietnam did. B ut the people seemed less inclined to force me to buy something. they appeared to understand "no" at least.

A bit about vietnam in general that annoys me

Footpaths exist, but they are mostly used as motorbike parking areas, and outdoor restaurants. This means you are constantly walking up and down the curb to avoid things, so I tried walking on the road, but that doesnt work because in Vietnam people drive not on the left or right, but wherever is convinient : left, right, middle, footpath. they even have ramps into thier houses to park inside. Zebra crossings exist, even some have a green/red man marking. But theyre completely meaningless since for a start you can turn right anytime. they serve the same purpose as lane/center line markings. They make the road look like a road, and thats about it

Also how many times do I have to say "no" before they get the message. Yes I can see your selling sunglasses, I still dont want any when you shove them in my face and tell me there cheap cheap. If I want some I'll let you know dickhead. Same for tuktuks and motos, youve just seen me say no to a hundred people who swarmed me when i came out of the shop, why would I change my mind ten seconds later.

But if you take home anything from this blog, let it be "dont go to Hoi An" it really it is shit, unless you like looking at the what is essentially, the same shop, over and over again

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