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Chiang Mai

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Right now we're in Saigon, I went to a doctors finally because I was sweating while I was taking a crap and my ring is sore from wiping so much. I think it was called health clinic international - its near the cathederal anyway, walk to the road on your left if your facing the front doors and you cant miss it. i waited ten mins or so which is probably less than i'd wait at home even if i had an appoinment, and the doctor was pretty good, even though he was french.

Chiang Mai

Im actually surprised t say I liked Chiang Mai, it still has all the dirty shitiness of any developing country but if you can ignore that its not that bad. We chose Libra guest house from Kyoko's guide book, they had someone advertising at the station which I dont like but they werent that pushy and we got a free ride to the hotel, and it was a good room fan hot shower for 300baht. (its in the top right corner of the city wall) The room was nice enough I could actually imagine my mum staying there, not just scummy backpackers. They sorted us a car to the tiger sanctuary (which was good too, way better than the zoo) and back for 300baht, and even hooked us up with another couple who were going too so we could half the cost. And they sold us a 2day trekking tour, which has been the highlight of the trip.

I think it was 1800baht ~60dollars each . it was a bit shitty at first - you hit the cold waterfall while its still cold, then eta lunch and go to hot springs, which are nice, but would be better on the second day after the trekking. But once we started trekking we had the best time. We had a small group - there was only 2 other couples, and our guide Pe was great. We did elephant riding along the river banks and river the next morning, and I admit I thought I was going to die when P scared one of the elephants and they started running around and growling and just going a bit crazy. Then we drove a bamboo raft down the river and had a long truck ride home. riding in the back of a pick up is great for short distances, but it sucks when you wanna sleep. The food was great - lunch 1 was some veg soup and fried rice and fruit . dinner was a few curries cooked my P with rice and fruit. Day 2 breakfast was fruit with toast and tea, and lunch was egg and tofu pad thai and fruit again. It was all great and there was always loads left over.

We had some pretty good food in the city too. At the touristy night market, which isnt worth going to just sells the same crap as bangkok, we ate some soup and a dry noodle dish and fried veg that were farily average. better was the "food court" around one of the south gates to the city. cheaper and better food - kyoko had a red curry with rice and I had pork and brocolli (i think it was spinach or something though) over rice and some fried veg. Another night we just had a bit of alsorts from the local market north of the night market. which was all good just too much to choose. We got the best spring rolls from a lady who looks about 140 she had a stall on the road along the inside of the east wall. her sausages were crap though

The moral of the story is Chiang Mai kicks the shit out of bangkok


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Bangkok continued

semi-overcast 28 °C

So the highlight of today was seeing a rat running round some outdoor cafe. Cant remember the name but its got rats. it was pretty big aswell. And we saw a dead one on the beach, but not as big. Beautiful. and I thougt I shat myself at the hot springs but fortunatley it was just a fart. More about today another day though

Temples of Bangkok

This day started off heading to the river boat station to head to wat arun(? the one across the river) obvisouly we went the wrong way thanks mostly to lack of street names, and street signs, and partly becuase I have a habit of going the wrong way anyway. Which gae Kyoko n excuse for us to catch a tuktuk to the ferry. He kindly took us to the wrong ferry where his mate offered to take us on a 1 hour river cruise. Cocksucker. Anyway we got there in the end, and it was fairly average. Nothing special though its just a big tower at the end of the day. We went to Wat Pho too which its pretty much the same as any other temple, bar the famous reclining buddha, which I admit, is pretty big.

Didnt bother with the royal Palace, I figured its probably the same shit for nearly 10x the price and I was sick of the smog and heat and noise already. So thats it for temples. The "amulet market" mentioned in lonely planet sounded pretty cool - dont waste your time theres a big street full of stalls, selling tiny buddha's which are al the same. Some freaks seem to sit there for hours staring through magifiers at one. How they can tell its any different to the rest I have no idea, but they should probably get a life.

Siam Square

Its like the shopping district. We found a market that sells pretty much everything you can get on Khao San Road, but cheaper, and with better food. We ate some chicken skewers and rice and I had green curry (so-so) Kyoko had some noodle soup which was better than my curry. And we tried a coconut shake with those smily green things in. Just get a plain coconut is my advice. The green slime is about as tasty as it looks.

The best thing was getting inside into an air-con shopping mall and out of the grime of the city. The downside is its the same old shit for sale at stalls, and shops seems to be as expensive as home or even more, couldnt tell you to be honest because I buy all my stuff either at Tesco or online anyway.

So thats about it for Bangkok. Possibly the most over-rated city in the world? Once you learn how to cross the road, not to assume the path will be reasonable smooth, and to just ignore everyone who says anything to you (I seem to spend most of my life doing that anyway) the only real downside is the smog and generaly dirtiness.

On a positive note, We found a supermarket, which sold some very strange flavour pringles, and at some point we wandered round some university because there was grass and benches, and we found a random outdoor gym, and a game of womens beach volleyball. Which even I enjoyed.

blueberry pringles? perverts

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My First Blog

semi-overcast 28 °C

I never thought I'd write a blog. They just seem so lame. But its either that or write a book, but I'mnot that smart, or keep a diary, and I'm not a girl.

Ive decided to do it while I'm sat in Da Nang, bored, waiting to shit my dinner out - Since I ate ten minutes ago, it shouldnt be much longer. We've been in Asia for 2 weeks now and I'm over it already.

I'll try to catch up so I can write in pesent tense from where I am and everything that winds me up is still fresh but for now this is how it started

The Beginning - Khao San Road 4/11/2010

Was not what I expected. Its a dump, why does anyone go there? I thought it would be a nice "easy place" to start. We stayed at Sawasdee Smile Inn, around the corner from Khao San Road. What a shithole, advertised as "down a small quiet side street" sounds great, but read "shitty alleyway". Room was pretty tired and not really that clean, but it was liveable and we couldnt be bothered finding another, there was a suit shop downstairs who kept trying to sell me suits, breakfast was crap - hair in Kyoko's pancake first day no eggs second day. But to be fair it was included in the price, The quiet side street is bullshit when across the road some bar is playing stupidly loud dance music all night. The only thing worse was an American talking loud enough to be heard over it.

On Khao San Road itself, theres loads of market stalls, all selling the same shit. T shirts, hats, souveniers, fair enough. There can only be so many different t shirts, why shouldnt every shop sell the same ones. Its noisy, smelly and crowded. I wouldnt mind if it was just people, but motorbikes beeping horns as if anyone can move out of there way, and food carts forcing there way through. Its just not a pleasent experience.

"you want tuk-tuk?" No. Why? for a start because I didnt want a tuk tuk from the last 50 guys who offered me one, for second becasue theres a million on the road anyway I'm sure I can flag one down if I did want one, but why would I when theres also a million metered AC taxi's there too?
"you want suit?" No. Its 30 degrees, Im wearing board shorts and a scruffy t shirt and I haave a mohawk, do I look like a need a suit?
"you want tatoo?" What? Do I want a tattoo? No, and you offering me one isnt likley to make me want one. ITs not exactly an impulse buy, either you want one or you dont.

That was most of what I complained about I think. Other than the smog and how hard it is to cross the road and just the general crappy dirtiness of the area which obvisouly go without saying, and gets worse.

Food is one of the thing I do enjoy here. I'll give them that much, Until someone gave me the shits that is. Anyway around Khao San it was good enough though, some cheap pad thai from a street lady, buy 2 if your hungry, and a really nice ice coffee from around the corner.


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