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rain 30 °C

A bit of a shitty ride to bangkok - as I expected to be honest. We were picked up by a shitty looking bus about 20 years old I reckon and I was pretty certain things wouldnt get any better when we changed at the border. Anyway it was a fairly quick ride to the crossing and we waited there for what seemed like forever to jump the next bus, they took 9 of us away to jump in what was basically a clapped out people carrier, and I thought oh shit. Anyway they dropped us at their "office" ie a restaurant and another hour or 2 later a nice new Hi-ace turned up, which would have been great if they hadnt bolted an extra 4 seats in the back with about a foot of legroom. Im only 5 8. I felt sorry for the guys next to us who were both probably around 6 foot. Anyway we got there in the end with just a bit of cramp and a bit annoyed he wouldnt drop us off when we were stuck for 30 minutes in traffic a 5 minute walk from Siam square. Twat.

we ended up in BAngkok a couple of days longer than we wanted cos the bus was full, but we were in Siam Square, not shitty Khao San so it wasnt that bad, we just spent most o fthe time dossing in MBK centre. We went to see Harry Potter 7.1 which was pretty good, but the cinemas were fucking freezing. I saw it in lonely planet, which I tend to use to read where they recommend and stay well clear, but I thought ah bullshit it'll probably just be nice and cool. Its fucking cold, and thats coming from someone from yorkshire. wear a hoody and jeans if you go. The movie was good, seats were comfy (we didnt go VIP but Id like to know what thats like) and we went at 1030 on a monday so there was like 10 people there. Snacks and drinks are expensive ie nearly as much as the actual ticket, we just bought some stuff from 7/11 before we went. On another note How old is Hermione Granger now, she must be old enough I can say she's looking pretty hot

Also another positive I decided to take some anti biotics instead of going to a doctor, that day I ate lunch and dinner and didnt have to shit all day, for the record I also didnt shit the 3 days we were in Bangkok. To celebrate we ate at Hachiban Ramen in MBK centre one night, we chose there cos the original hachiban (route 8) ramen was in Kyokos prefectre. It was nice but to be fair you can get the same on the street for half the price.
We ate at MBK's food court one night Kyoko had tonkatsu ramen which was nice and I had some I dont know what it was called but it was essentially beef parts (I think liver, kidney, and intestines) soup with short noodles. It was ok, Kyoko's was better.
We got lunch at the weekend market one day, I think Kyoko had omelette and rice, which did exactly what it says on the tin, and I had some really nice stir fry noodles I think it was pork. I'd recommend there if I knew where it was, somewhere in that market which is about as big as my hometown. Pink guava shake to wash it down was perfect
And once we found a sneaky little local food court I suppose, close to MBK we were looking for some lunch and walked into this tiny restaurant that opened out the back to like a covered street with tables on one side and small cooking places on the other. We went to one of those where you get rice and chose 2 or 3 curries or sauces or whatever to go on it, which was really good if a little bit spicy, possibly the best I ate in Bangkok.

The bus to Krabi let me down again. We had abig argument bus or train/bus and I backed down and let Kyoko book us on a bus, they promised us fuly reclining seats and had a photo of a seat that looked pretty good, folded almost fla and had a foot rest, The bus we went on, didnt. It just had normal fucking seats. And when we got on half the bus was roped off for passengers we would pick up later, which lef only single seats dotted around for us. . So I'll probbably kick Kyoko's head in later for that.

Which brings us to Krabi - just 3 days ago I think. And you know what, I actually almost like it here. when its not raining


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