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like Bangkok, but more expensive

sunny 30 °C

We got our bus someone even brought us some tissues and water to clean my head with and wash our hands, so I didnt have to sit all bloddy for 5 hours. It did mean I didnt get a chance to pee. I thought I could hold it its only a few hours, but I had to ask the driver to stop halfway I just couldnt keep it any longer.
We got a room in Chinatown at Monkee Inn, I didnt recognise it from Lonely planet so I reckoned it must be ok. The room was clean and shared bathroom was really clean, but its a bit expensive at 50RM for a fan room. Anyway I was sick of looking by now.

They call this area Chinatown, I call it Tourist town. Its just like being on the dreaded Khao San Road. You can walk a block or two away and it gets better, but to walk to the LRT station I have to go through the shitty area of people selling me sunglasses, watches, tatoos and all the T shirts I didnt buy in Bangkok. All the food is expensive here, even the food court is full of gaijin. I got a reasonable curry from the indian stall and Kyoko got some stuff and rice from the buffet stall for 8RM each. a bit expensive compared to Penang and fairly average.

I get so wound up they spend 5 minutes asking about a meal what is it what does it come with can i see this is it spicy. Dont be fucking stupid its less than 2 dollars if it really is so bad you cant eat, you can buy something else later. Anyway, we

We went to the bird park next day. Its OK, but not worth 45RM, not at all. $5 or possible $10 but not 15. Their only birds at the end of the day, and the shows not even that great. Nothing I've never seen before though. I dnt understand what all the fuss is about to be honest. Theres a half day there (its walking distance from Chinatown by the way maybe 15 minutes) but take your own lunch and water - 4RM for a small bottle there. I expected abit of overcharging but 4x the normal price. I'll dehydrate before I pay that much. Meals were around 18RM in the restaurant too so bear that in mind. Like I said its OK, and lets be honest theres not a lot else to do here.

We headed to Little India that night on the LRT looked a long way on the map, but when we were looking for the bazaar area, we ended up walking back as far as central market. Which was irritating. We found it in the end and got some Mee Goreng and fried rice around there (I'd had a bit of a scare earlier suddenly had to shit and it was a bit loose, so I thought I best stay off curry a couple of days). Better than touristtown food and cheaper. All the stuff at the markets is cheaper too. Fact

Took Kyoko to the airport yesterday to fly home and get everything ready for the ski season. 3 days left for me. Almost over at last. train/bus combo to LCCT is 12RM (22 return) bargain. Not sure why they built the airport so far away, or why theres no link between the terminals? we grabbed some banana leaf and brown paper rice/noodles packages. And I spent the afternoon dossing at the hostel (moved to dorm bed, christ its cold in the AC dorm). Grabbed some dinner at the food court again, since it was raining and its close by. Chicken rice claypot. pretty good but could do to have more veggies in it, it was really rice and chicken and sauce in a clay pot.

I have noticed quite a lot of fat people in Malaysia especillay women. But to be fair I would be fat if I lived here, and so would Kyoko I reckon. My theory is this. There is fuck all to do. Theres no reason to walk anywhere since public transport is so cheap, and footpaths are basically non existant, and why would you when it stinks of smog and open drains. All there is to do is go for a curry, go for some noodles, go for some laksa etc. See where I'm going good cheap food and nothing to do is a bad combination


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