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its over

sunny 34 °C

so 6 weeks later I'm into my last night in south east asia. This time tomorrow I should be landing in Japan ready to start 3 months in the snow.

Kuala Lumpur what a boring city. I went to the zoo yesterday - its actually really under-rated. Way better than the bird park and cheaper (about the same including transport there and back - train and taxi/bus) I took some lunch I bought a banana-leaf rice and some bread and peanuts and plenty of water after the 4 RM shocker at the bird park I was well prepared. For the record water was 2.50RM still expensive but almost half the bird park price. Anyway dont listen to the bad reviews about the zoo . Its not perfect, obviously. The more bad press it gets the more people will stay at the shitty bird park and the less money the zoo will have so just go there and enjoy it. A lot of reviews said all the exhibits were shitty and the animals dont look happy. I didnt see that at all (bar the elephants they looked distressed). The monkeys were swinging around, fighting and shagging, and I'm pretty sure that these three things all appear in "a monkeys top 3 things to do" so they must be happy. Theres a fucking baby Orang utan o dont tell me thier not happy. The lions and tigers were sleeping, which is what lions and tigers do when theres no zebras to eat. And the zebras were mostly eating grass, which is what they do best. Theres quite a lot of cows and guars? there fucking big, they were eating and sleeping, which is all a cow understands really.
The worst thing about the zoo is all the chinese tourists. Running around singing and yelling like fucking 7 year olds. Just fuck off.

I got dinner from round the corner from backpackerville. It was really nice and 4.50RM Some red curry and some yellow curry and rice. And it was raining

Today I basically did Jack shit. I took a train to KLCC far too late to get a ticket to go to the bridge. So I walked back to Little India for lunch (fried rice wrapped in egg - good but a bit plain, felt like I could have made it) and back to the hostel and played a bit of transport tycoon which I finally got working on my laptop. Then I went for dinner little india again for some curry and naan breads. Really tasty and not too spicy for a change. I'd eat there again... but I dont have to because tomorrow morning I'm gone. And I cant wait.

Picked up a new book today aswell I just finshed Black Order by James Rollins. Not what I;d normally read but I liked it kept me interested anyway. Its a thriller about some neo-nazi's I guess and their search for perfection, and the debate of god vs evolution. One of thoe novels thats part sci-fi part sci-fact. Similar to Graham Mastertron who I've read a few by, but not as likely to give you nightmares. I'd read another one by this guy. I went for another thriller because I've got a few fantasy fiction e-books to read anyway but I like to keep a proper book with me too. Mortal Fear by Greg Iles. "The decades most terrifying novel of psychosexual suspense" Pyschosexual. Sounds promising


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